Stone is a leading provider of financial technology solutions that empower merchants and integrated partners to conduct electronic commerce seamlessly across in-store, online, and mobile channels. Stone has developed a deep client-centric culture that seeks to delight our clients rather than to simply provide them with a solution or service. Stone serves clients of all sizes and types that transact online, offline or have an omni-channel sales approach. Stone also serves many integrated partners, which use or embed Stone’s solutions into their own offerings to enable their customers to conduct commerce more conveniently.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to remain focused on empowering our clients to grow their businesses and help them conduct commerce and run their operations more effectively.

We believe this focus is a key differentiator for us and an important driver in helping us win and retain clients. We try to achieve this by leveraging the Stone Business Model to combine and provide powerful and convenient technology, innovative solutions, and high-quality customer support through sales people and marketing efforts that match our passionate and energetic client-centric culture.


We have proactively fostered and developed a highly-innovative, entrepreneurial, and mission-driven culture that we believe helps attract new talent, enables us to achieve our objectives, and provides a key competitive advantage.

Our culture unites our team across numerous functions and focuses our collective efforts on passionately developing technology and implementing the Stone Business Model to disrupt legacy practices, older technologies, and incumbent vendors in order to provide solutions and a level of service that go beyond simply meeting the needs of our clients, and instead seeks to deliver an enhanced overall client experience.

Our client-centric culture is built upon the following five themes, which we convey to our employees, employee candidates, clients and partners:

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Our Culture Pillars

The Reason
Our culture is centered on the fundamental belief that our clients drive everything we do. We also emphasize to our clients that, like them, we have also worked hard to start and grow a new business. We believe that building and maintaining close and active relationships with our clients will improve our ability to innovate, expand our leadership in the market, and grow our business.
Own It
We expect that all employees present an “owner” mindset and use their intelligence to resolve problems with a primary focus on making our clients’ experience great. We constantly strive to recognize exceptional achievement.
No Bullshit
We encourage respectful candor in all interactions and aim to be straight to the point. We criticize ideas, not people. We expect our teams to always choose the correct path, not the quickest.
Team Play
We have learned that people achieve greater results together. We believe that more ideas flourish, are debated better, and questioned more effectively in teams. As a result, we strive to work together and constantly look for people with complementary skills to join our team.
Live the Ride
We believe we will evolve more effectively by trying new ideas and improving on them with energy and passion. New ideas need to be tested in a controlled way, and only scaled once they have demonstrated authentic promise