João Bernartt

Chief Product & Innovation Officer

João Bernartt is our Chief Product & Innovation Officer and joined the Group in March, 2022. Mr. Bernartt is partner and investor of Yalo Inc. the first Meta's BSP in the world, a pioneer company in conversational commerce for B2B industry. Also, Mr. Bernartt was the Country Launcher of the Yalo's operation in Brazil during 2021. Mr. Bernartt is an investor and advisor to several technology-based startups, mainly focused on e-commerce, social-commerce, cross-border retail, security, logistics, AI, and others. He is a former Board Member and Advisor of several retail and technology companies in Brazil and is the founder and former CEO of Chaordic, a company focused on information retrieval solutions for e-commerce industry - as recommender systems and search engines - that was acquired by Linx in 2015. From 2016 to 2018, Mr. Bernartt was the Head of Omnichannel solutions at Linx. Mr. Bernartt holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering of Control and Automation and a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Machine Learning from Federal University of Santa Catarina.